Wednesday 29 June, 19:30

Book presentation: 4║ Lat N. 2.600 msnm.

Daniel Berm˙dez. Arquitectura

The CCCB and Lunwerg Editores are pleased to present the book 4º Lat N. 2.600 msnm. Daniel Bermúdez. Arquitectura, a compilation of the work of the Colombian architect, with forewords by the architects Josep María Montaner and Ignacio Paricio. The event will be attended by the author, Daniel Bermúdez, and the architects Josep María Montaner and Juan Herreros, with the participation of the Colombian Consul in Barcelona, Carlos Manuel Pulido, and Joaquim Corbera, the Commercial Director of Lunwerg publishers.

Daniel Bermúdez is one of the most noteworthy and original contemporary architects on the American continent. Lecturer and research fellow at the Universidad de los Andes, Bermúdez has carried out most of his work in Bogota, located at latitude 4º north and 2,600 metres above sea level, the geographical position that gives the book its title.

This publication summarizes the practice and architecture of Bermúdez, imbued with light, space, water and gravity.