Thursday 08 November, 19:30

BCNmp7. Music of the Future

Round table + Concert

The Internet has definitively transformed the way in which artists, industry and public relate to music. BCNmp7 will look at its new forms of production, distribution and consumption.


7.30 p.m. Round table
The current state of the Internet (Web 2.0, on-line communities, etc.) has seen a complete transformation of the way artists, industry and public relate to music. This round table brings together musicians, journalists and record company directors to look at new ways of producing, distributing and consuming music.

9 p.m. Concert
If there is one sector of the culture industry in which the idea of community is well established it is the world of video games. This industry is becoming one of the most important platforms for the promotion of music and one which, historically, has generated its own musical tradition.

A band formed for the occasion of musicians from various Barcelona scenes will play the foremost soundtracks from the history of video games: the primitive electronic melodies of the early classics, but also the more complex compositions of the latest-generation games combine to form the repertory of a concert in which music interacts with video screenings.

Jaume L. Pantaleón, guitar (12twelve / ruiz pantaleon / belmez)
David Mengual, bass (mengual-robles / pollo )
Oriol Roca, drums (sweet cut trio / refree )
Sergi Sirvent, keyboards (hat / giulia valle group )

Solu (Mia Makela), screenings


Centre de Cultura ContemporÓnia de Barcelona
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