From 8 p.m. to 1 midnight

BCNmp7 Music in process. Casablanca Hip Hop

Casa Crew, Dj Key, Vj Kalamour (Lamba Vj) and more...

BCNmp7 aims to highlight the musical specificity that exists in Barcelona, without forgetting the increasingly intense communicating arteries between cities, regions and global tendencies.

In its third season, BCNmp7 continues to show alternative visions of the current musical scene, and also new concerts aimed at illustrating the fusions and frictions that affect the various musical genres.


BCNmp7 is travelling to Casablanca for the first time to bring the best of Moroccan urban music to Barcelona. In this cosmopolitan city, which is so full of contrasts, this genre is having an increasingly important social and cultural impact.

BCNmp7 Casablanca includes videoclips, the documentary Los nuevos revolucionarios (The New Revolutionaries), which depicts the underground scene, a concert by the mythical group "CasaCrew", bringing together Casablanca's best known rap artists, and a session by Dj key and Vj Kalamour.

This unique line-up will allow you to discover and enjoy rap beyond the barriers of culture and language.

More information:  http://www.myspace.com/bcnmp7


Centre de Cultura ContemporÓnia de Barcelona
Other credits:
With the collaboration of: Salah Malouli