Friday 09 May, 19:30

BCNmp7. Music and science

Invisible connections

Science has played a leading role in the birth and development of the tools available to musicians. Only under the pretext of change and evolution do they have meaning.


Percussion is structured by physical laws, and electronic music grew out of scientific research. Oval, one of the guests at the next session of BCNmp7, manages to give meaning to a solid discourse which opened the doors to interpretation by applying the maxim "the process is everything", as used in science. Pop, represented in this session by the very new Institut Fatima, also invokes scientific processes in their indefinable aesthetic. They are small or large connections that synthesise a necessary and (nearly) hidden relationship, like those proposed by the Reactable, the collaborative modular synthesiser that sums up the points at which both disciplines enter into contact and which we can manipulate at the MP7 session.
In May, BCNmp7 will explore the places where our knowledge of reality and science converge.

Reactable: Martin Kaltenbrunner, one of the directors of the project, will lead a session where we will see how it works and the public will be able to manipulate it.

Concert by Institut Fatima, a group that explores the field of sound generation in electronic music. They accompany their concerts with vocalists creating links between the synthesised melodies and rhythms.

Oval: Markus Popp, a tireless researcher into sound generator processes, returns to Barcelona. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy his music live.


Centre de Cultura ContemporÓnia de Barcelona
With the collaboration of
Pocket Producciones