Saturday 19 September, 18:00

BCNmp7. Marathon Jazz

BCNmp7 aims to highlight the musical specificity that exists in Barcelona without forgetting the increasingly intense communicating arteries between cities, regions and global tendencies.



What is jazz? In order to answer this question it is important to understand it from a broad perspective, as a type of music in which many different influences converge. Catalan jazz has always been able to fuse with other cultures and musical styles, and leaves no one indifferent. Now you can see this for yourselves.

To mark the twentieth anniversary of the Associació de Músics de Jazz i Música Moderna de Catalunya (AMJM) and within the framework of the CCCB exhibition "The Jazz Century", BCNmp7 will become a musical marathon, where different groups will demonstrate the evolution of this artistic current in Catalonia ending with the most genuine expression of jazz, the jam session, which will round off this great festival.


Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Associació de Músics de Jazz i de Música Moderna de Catalunya