Thursday 15 May, 21:00

BCNmp7. ĢIt Kills Me but I Love Itģ: Genealogy of Zeidun

Musics in Process

Third session in the BCNmp7 2014 cycle programmed by Gent Normal and La Fonoteca Barcelona. With performances by Zeidun, Autodestrucció, La Célula Durmiente, Esperit!, Murnau b., Omega V, Joan Colomo, L'Orquestra de Sant Celoni and Els Surfing Sirles.

Zeidun is much more than a seed; Zeidun is one of the best emo, hardcore and post-hardcore bands ever formed in Catalonia. Fifteen years after its formation, the five members of the original punk band —Joan Colomo, Càndid Coll, Dalmau Boada, Albert Trabal and Xavi Garcia— get on stage in this third session in the BCNmp7 2014 cycle with a show that alternates Zeidun’s songs with the participation of some of the members’ later bands. Els Surfing Sirles, Les Aus, La Célula Durmiente, Joan Colomo, Autodestrucció, Esperit! and L’Orquestra de Sant Celoni are some of the groups of former Zeidun members, who’ve also worked with other bands like El Petit de Cal Eril, Murnau b. and The Unfinished Sympathy.

The session also includes a screening of documentary capsules about the group, a fanzine and a compact disc so that the audience can listen to and read some of the original Zeidun and other bands its members have played in. Everything you need to understand one of this country’s most influential and volatile bands.


Centre de Cultura Contemporānia de Barcelona
With the collaboration of
Gent Normal, La Fonoteca Barcelona
Other credits:

Coordines: Ingrid Guardiola

With the collaboration of: Mondo Sonoro