7.30p.m. 9.30p.m.

BCNmp7. The music industry and free culture

Session five

BCN-mp7 presents seven sessions of creation, mix and debate about contemporary popular music. The cycle is made up of colloquiums devoted to open critical reflection on the current music scene and concerts that aim to establish new points of fusion and friction between the various musical genres.


Session five: The music industry and free culture

7.30 p.m. Colloquium with Bruno Sokolowicz, José Neri, Raúl Tudela, Ángel Luis Lara, alias Ruso and Gerardo Sanz
9.30 p.m. Concert with Nettle (DJ Ruptur) and Khalid Bennaji

The dilemmas of the music industry in the face of "free culture". The disc as form. The revolution of new supports (CD, MP3, iPods, etc.). Copyright and copyleft. Authors' rights societies. Self-production, control of the work and new channels of distribution. The debate about the "cultural exception". "Musical diversity" and pluralism.


Centre de Cultura ContemporÓnia de Barcelona
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