Thursday 11 June, 19:00

BCNmp7. Digital Global Radio

Now in its fourth season, BCNmp7 continues to offer alternative takes on the present-day music scene and new concerts that illustrate the fusions and frictions affecting various musical genres. Listen to the concert on Scannerfm!!!


Among the numerous changes brought about by the digital revolution, the eclosion of new radio formats has redefined how we understand, consume and access the information that previously arrived across radio waves. New free digital radio has changed the roll of the passive listener to that of the active music selector.

At Digital Global Radio, we will see how the phenomenon of new radio formats confirms the global and free character of digital sound technology. Videos of the projects WFMU and Sublime Frequencies will be presented, Borja Prieto, Bruno Sokolowicz, Josep Maria Granyet and Josep Martín will be present at the round table, and we will see concerts by Au (Madrid) and Cluster (Germany).

Further information at: http://www.myspace.com/bcnmp7