Friday 25 March, 17:00

Bcn 2355

Writing Jam

Eight writers, a critic, an illustrator and three videoartists and VJs create the first collective novel live


The Writing Jam was launched in Buenos Aires in 2007. The concept is simple: a writer creates in situ and his text is projected on a screen, while the audience-readers have a coffee or a drink and listen to music played by a DJ. The performance will attempt to question the private character of the act of creation at the same time that it aims to find the direct participation of the reader-spectator.

In 2010, the Jam reached Mexico DC and Barcelona sponsored by the publisher Mondadori and Kosmopolis 2011 will host a special edition. The idea is to organize a fivehour “marathon” in which eight writers, an illustrator, a critic and three videoartists and VJs will create a novel together, the plot of which will start when a ship with a North American crew lands in Barcelona in 2355.

Based on an original idea by Adrian Haidukowski.

The Cèntric Espai Cultural at El Prat de Llobregat, la Biblioteca Roca Umbert at Granollers and the Teatre Kursaal of Manresa are also participating at this activity.