From 10:00h to 20:00h

Art and crisis. Moshekwa Langa, Christina Nakou, Rustum Kozain, Orfeas Apergis

During three days, the artists Moshekwa Langa and Christina Nakou, and the poets Rustum Kozain and Orfeas Apergis will work at the Pati de les Dones.


The crisis is not just an economic and financial crisis. It is a crisis of the imaginary, which unveils how little radical imagination is in use. It is a crisis of narrativity, whereby only fragmented and interrogative discourses are produced. It is a crisis of temporality, that fails to articulate krónos, historical time, and kairós, in which we are called to think and act. It is a crisis of the public space, which is represented as threatened, uncontrolled and unavailable. Two artists and two poets from Greece and South Africa are invited to think and work through the current crisis in different terms than the ones usually proposed. They recuperate the potential of the imaginary, a sense of narrativity, a conscience of history in which we are now needing to act, and the re-creation of the public space.

Resisting the inherited discourse on the crisis, they expose themselves working and create a concentrated moment and space of emancipation. Greeks and South Africans, artists and poets, they make the process of their work accessible to the public gaze and invite to think we can turn the crisis upside down.


Tramod (UB)
With the collaboration of
University of Barcelona, European Research Council, Centre d’Estudis sobre Cultura, Política i Societat, Centre de Cultura Contemporŕnia de Barcelona, ICREA