Friday 21 April, 18:00

An Internet of Cultures

Artur Serra and Dae Young Kim

NOW seeks to offer a synthesis of today's principal debates about the latest generation technologies, accepting that we are already in a cybersphere undergoing a phase of expansion, in which the speed of change is the only constant, together with the ignorance, fascination or confusion of many citizens.


This time round we are organizing a dialogue with two specialists in the so-called Internet of Cultures and a talk with Roy Ascott, a pioneer in telematic art.

Projects such as Òpera Oberta, DancingQ, Buda on the net, Open Forum and the new visual on-line Library of Anthropology are some examples of a new Internet of the arts and humanities. Voice and word, sounds, and real and virtual images all converge in a new worldwide, experimental Internet. Artists and technologies can work in real time in remote studios with access to totally new distribution channels. Artur Serra and Dae Young Kim dialogue in a videoconference about this new Internet of the arts and humanities, an Internet of cultures.

Artur Serra, Dae Young Kim
Artur Serra, Dae Young Kim
Space at the CCCB

General information

Space at the CCCB


Place: Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB)
Montalegre, 5. 08001 Barcelona. Tel: (+34) 933.064.100. http://www.cccb.org/now

Date: April 21-22, 2008

Space opening schedule: from 11 am to 10 pm