Sunday 14 February, 18:30

Against Time III

Borges and his view of time seen through cinema: Invasión, a recently restored cult Argentine film, with screenplay by Borges and Bioy Casares. The session starts with a short film in which John Latham speeds up time to film, in six minutes, page by page, the Encyclopaedia Britannica—one of Borges best loved works—and another in which Lamelas finds a cinematographic equivalent to Borges’ struggle against simultaneity and the succession of time.

Britannica, John Latham. 1971, 16mm, 6 min.

Reading of an extract from Labyrinths by J.L. Borges, David Lamelas. 1970, 16 mm, 4 min.

Invasión, Hugo Santiago. Argentina, 123 min.


Centre de Cultura ContemporÓnia de Barcelona
With the collaboration of
Revista Butxaca, Maumaubarcelona.com