Thursday 22 March, 19:00

A World Without Copyright?

The abolition of copyright and a new scenario for the production and distribution in the arts

The most spectacular aspect of the book "A World without Copyright", by Joost Smiers, is maybe in its title.


However, there is a broader social, economic and cultural framework within which this eye-catcher should be understood. Do we like living in a world in which the main tools of our cultural communication are controlled by only a few conglomerates (by copyright, and by the ownership of the means of production, distribution and promotion), and where the real existing diversity has been pushed out of our awareness, and where most of the artists cannot make a living from their work? A fundamental change is necessary, and possible.

Dr. Joost Smiers, Professor (em.) of Political Science at the Utrecht School of the Arts (the Netherlands), puts forward the strategies of that change in a dialogue with audience.

Daniel García Andújar
Joost Smiers
New Activism
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