Thursday 27 September, 18:30

2012-2013 academic year at the CCCB

Proposals related to the exhibition “On Paral•lel 1894-1939”

The new school year is here, and we at the CCCB hope you’ll be joining in the proposals we’re working on. First, the exhibition about Paral•lel in the early 20th century, with the explosion of modernity and popular culture, with a new itinerary and ideas for work about the period. A new photography workshop, in collaboration with the MACBA. Urban itineraries to discover the transformation of the city. In the second term, literature with the Kosmopolis Festival and Bolaño. To end the academic year, the cinema of Pasolini and the city of Rome. And, at any time, take part on the CCCBeducació website with the projects you’re working on in class.

Why not come to the presentation of the academic year and proposals for work related to the exhibition “On Paral·lel 1894-1939”