15th Flamenco Festival of Ciutat Vella

At this year's Festival de Flamenco de Ciutat Vella, the spotlight will be on the voice in flamenco. Without trying to unravel the complexities of its origins, the program will show the different modes and forms of cante (flamenco singing), based on the intuition that it is responsible for a large part of the mystery and enchantment of the art of flamenco.


Eternal themes like love, life and death, are at the centre of the cante lyrics, which reflect suffering, pain and joy. With spirit that can be sober or festive, they express the human experience, moving and disquieting those who know how to listen without barriers.

This year's festival launches Flamenco-visual which will consist of four sections, two of them competitions, the other two showcases for existing work. The two sections open to competition will be Flamenco video clips and Flamenco documentaries.