• The nine shorts receiving the most votes will be screened before the feature films during the Gandules’14 Gas Natural Fenosa season, in the forthcoming month of August.
  • In addition to screening the nine finalist short films at Gandules’14 Gas Natural Fenosa, the following prizes will be awarded:
    • Gas Natural Fenosa Prize with a value of 500 euros to the best short film out of the nine finalists. This prize will be awarded by a jury of professionals linked to the audiovisual and cultural world, and selected in advance by the organisation.
    • Filmin Prize: a 3-month subscription to Filmin for the nine finalists.
    • 20 Years of the CCCB Prize: a one-year Friends of the CCCB card for the authors of the 20 short films selected through the public’s votes.
  • The prizes will be awarded on the first day of the Gandules’14 Gas Natural Fenosa programme, in August. The finalist authors will be alerted in advance. If no response is received, the prizes will be reserved until 30 August.
  • Complete Competition Terms

How to vote?

  • Each user can vote up to nine short films.
  • Each short film can only be voted once.
  • Voting finalises on 6 July 2014 at midnight.
  • The CCCB will publish the result of the votes on 15 July 2014.
  • If any irregular use of the voting procedure is detected, the CCCB reserves the right to amend it.