Inaugurated in 1994, the CCCB occupies the original structure of three wings of the former Casa de Caritat (Almshouse) arranged in a U-shape around a large central courtyard, called the Pati de les Dones (Women’s Courtyard). The northern wing is occupied by a glass façade that has become a mirror of the urban landscape and a viewpoint over the whole city. In 2011, it incorporated a new building, the Teatre CCCB, housed in the former theatre of the Casa de Caritat.

CCCB Spaces

Just a 10-minute walk from Plaça Catalunya or Les Rambles, the CCCB configures an urban cultural artery, together with other neighbouring buildings such as the MACBA, the UB and the URL.

Hall or Main Foyer Picture

Hall or Main Foyer

You reach the CCCB’s Hall or Main Foyer from a ramp on one side of the Pati de les Dones. In the Main Foyer you will find the ticket offices where you can purchase admission tickets for the exhibitions and for the Auditori. This is a large, open space, and the setting for concerts, festivals and lectures and large-format debates.

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Teatre CCCB Picture

Teatre CCCB

A space inaugurated in 2011, which features the Sala Teatre, a hall for shows and lectures; the Sala Raval, a multi-purpose room for activities with different formats, and the foyer, a space for reception and catering. You can access the Teatre from Carrer Montalegre, by crossing the Pati de les Dones, from Carrer Valldonzella and from Plaça dels Àngels.

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Auditori Picture


Space for audiovisual screenings (and meeting point, every Thursday and Sunday, of cinema fans who are followers of Xcèntric). It also provides a setting for concerts, debates and congresses. You can access the Auditori from the Main Foyer, by walking down the ramp.

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Mirador Picture


This is the highest space in the CCCB open to the public. It is accessed via a lift that can be taken from the entrance opposite the C3Bar Restaurant C3Bar. As well as offering fantastic views of the Raval neighbourhood, it is also an ideal space for workshops, debates, presentations and receptions. On the first Sunday of each month it can be visited free of charge.

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Exhibition Halls Picture

Exhibition Halls

Before going up the emblematic long escalators that provide access to the exhibitions, you will find a first hall devoted to more private, small-format exhibitions. The CCCB’s escalators lead to two levels of the building: Floors 2 and 3, used to hose large-format exhibitions.

Beta Station Picture

Beta Station

The Beta Station is a lab area located at one end of the 3rd floor that hosts workshops, project presentations, debates and activities related to the Beta line exhibitions: “Big Bang Data” (2014), “Human +” (2015-2016) and “Anthropocene” (2017). Thanks to the ongoing programme that it hosts, the Beta Station becomes a space for meetings, work sessions and knowledge generation for communities linked with the themes of the exhibitions.

Lecture Room 1 Picture

Lecture Rooms 1 and 2

Spaces devoted to learning, with courses and seminars held regularly. You can access the Lecture Rooms from the door next to the C3Bar Restaurant.

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Pati de les Dones Picture

Pati de les Dones

When you access the CCCB from Carrer Montalegre, the first space you will find is a large open-air courtyard, the CCCB’s central space and an area for transit and recreation for many residents of the Raval neighbourhood. The most emblematic building is that with the glass façade, which enables visitors to contemplate the city and the sea reflected in the upper part.

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Plaça Joan Coromines Picture

Plaça Joan Coromines

This plaza hosts various CCCB activities, concerts and festivals. You can reach it from Carrer Montalegre, by crossing the Pati de les Dones, from Carrer Valldonzella and from the Plaça dels Àngels.

CCCB Archive Picture

CCCB Archive

The CCCB’s space for reference, with a collection that covers all the activities carried out at the centre. The Public Space Archive and the OVNI Archive can also be consulted. You can access the Archive via the door opposite the C3Bar Restaurant.

Audiovisual Space Picture

Audiovisual Space

A space that houses the Xcèntric Archive, an archive for public consultation specialising in experimental film and creative documentaries, and Pantalla CCCB (CCCB Screen), a window open to the work of different video creators. It is on Floor -1 and you can reach it from the Hall (Main Foyer).

Bookshop Picture


Laie CCCB is a bookshop specialising in contemporary culture. You can access it from Carrer Montalegre, through the door just opposite the offices reception.

Bar - Restaurant Picture

Bar - Restaurant

La Coromines is the CCCB’s catering space. It is open from Monday to Friday (9.00 – 22.00) and weekends and Bank Holidays (11.00 – 22.00).

CCCB Archive

Archivo CCCB Picture
Archivo CCCB Picture

Space for consultation with over 10,000 multimedia references on key subjects for culture and contemporary thinking. It constitutes the CCCB’s documentary collection and has been generated by the Centre’s debates, exhibitions, festivals, concerts and publications.

It also includes consultation points for the Archive of the European Prize for Urban Public Space, with documentation on the successive biennial competitions held, and the OVNI Archive, with over 2,000 audiovisual pieces that include video art, independent documentaries, mass media archaeology, etc.

The Archive also houses the CCCB’s bibliographic collection, formed by almost 3,000 monographs collected as documentary support for activities organised by the centre. Highlights, among other subjects, are an important library collection on public space and a selection of publications by the CCCB (exhibition catalogues and the collections Breus, Dixit and Urbanitats).

Check the bibliographic collection

From Tuesday to Friday 15.00 - 20.00
Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 11.00 - 20.00
Non-holiday Mondays Closed
  • At present, the Archive is not accessible online and it is necessary to consult it in person.
  • Free entry and consultation of materials.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Contact and programmed visits:

Audiovisual Space

Audiovisual Space Picture
Audiovisual Space Picture

The CCCB’s Audiovisual Space, located on Floor -1, aims to give visibility to very varied audiovisual works, that all share a strong commitment by their authors, both in terms of contents and formal solutions. The Audiovisual Space includes the Xcèntric Archive, the CCCB’s archive of experimental film. A meeting point for the viewing and interpretation of essential films, with over 1,000 titles from prominent creators. It has a screening room with capacity for twelve people and an area for individual consultations.

From Tuesday to Sunday and bank holidays 11.00 - 20.00
Non-holiday Mondays Closed

Christmas opening hours
24 and 31 December: 11.00 - 15.00

  • Floor -1 of the CCCB.
  • Free access and free consultation of materials.
  • Contact and programmed visits:

Laie CCCB Bookshop

Laie CCCB Bookshop Picture
Laie CCCB Bookshop Picture

The bookshop covers the entire available collection of CCCB publications, as well as sections on contemporary art, architecture, design, critical thinking, history, literature, visual culture and contemporary music. Visitors can find artist editions, contemporary design items and experimental music CDs.

From Monday to Sunday and bank holidays 10.30 – 20.30

(+34) 934 813 886

La Coromines Bar - Restaurant

La Coromines Bar - Restaurant Picture
La Coromines Bar - Restaurant Picture
From Monday to Friday 9.00 – 22.00
Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 11.00 – 22.00

Opening hours; July 31 – August 27

From Monday to Friday 11.00 – 22.00
Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 11.00 – 21.00

Rosa Morera
646 290 575
(+34) 932 808 658