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As a local consortium, the CCCB is subject to Royal Legislative Decree 3/2011, approving the Revised Text on Public Sector Contracts, with regard to procedures and the awarding of contracts for supplies, services and works necessary for the development of its activities.

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Presentation deadline: 11 March 2016

Call notice
CATCertPublication date: 29/02/2016

Additional information briefing March 7, 2016
CATCertPublication date: 07/03/2016

A briefing will be held at the facilities of the bar - restaurant on March 7, 2016 , at 18 hours. Doubts about the call can be sent to .

Contracts awarded

Notice of contract award
CATCertPublication date: 05/02/2016

Notice of contractual formalization
CATCertPublication date: 17/03/2016

Notice of contract award
CATCertPublication date: 05/04/2016