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Arxiu Bolaño, 1977-2003 / Bolaño Archive, 1977-2003

Fact sheet

Published in: 2013

Pages: 176

B/W and colour images: 50

Size: 17 x 24 cm.

Price: 15€

ISBN: 978-84-9803-650-3 (català / english)
978-84-9803-651-0 (castellano / english)

The possibility of exploring the Bolaño Archive has made it possible to produce this catalogue, which offers a review of the character and the work of  the writer Roberto Bolaño, taking as a starting point three of the places where he lived for a large part of his life: Barcelona, Girona and Blanes.

Bolaño's work, from the exercises of his youth "written to free my hand" to the cathedral-like ambition of 2666, all seems to form pat of a universe in expansion, with its own laws, games,mirages and connectivities. The catalogue helps, in this sense, to unravel the Bolaño enigma.


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