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Dehlia Hannah

Dehlia Hannah is Research Curator for the Centre for Environmental Humanities and postdoctoral affiliate of the Laboratory for Past Disaster Science at Aarhus University. She received her PhD in Philosophy from Columbia University for Performative Experiments, a study of artworks that take the form of scientific experiments and deploy scientific methods and instruments as new media. Dehlia deploys her training in philosophy of science and aesthetic theory to curate research programs and art exhibitions that explore imaginaries of climate change, emerging technologies and the Anthropocene. Her current curatorial project and forthcoming book A Year Without a Winter revisits the environmental conditions under which the novel Frankenstein was written in the aftermath of the eruption of Mount Tambora in order to reframe our contemporary climate crisis. A transmedia thought experiment bringing together science fiction, scenario planning, biogeochemistry, environmental history, visual art and architecture, A Year Without a Winter proliferates new narrative futures for uncertain climes.

Update: 29 November 2017

Has participated in

Frankenstein in the Anthropocene

The contemporary relevance of Mary Shelley’s novel and its relationship with climate change