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David Casacuberta

Professor of philosophy of science at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. His current research project concentrates on the social and cognitive impact of TIC, about which he has published diverse articles. He also participates as a teacher on various postgraduate courses in Arts Event Management, Contemporary Art Theory and Community Development.

He has collaborated with Trànsit Projectes, a wide-ranging initiative financed by the European Community related to ‘e-inclusion’ and TIC and their possible use to combat social exclusion. He has also worked on various digital projects like Autobahn, a cartography of electronic music and on the installation Hiperiment, the ongoing hypertext of Kosmopolis 04. He is also one of the directors of the weekly programme of Mediateca de CaixaForum and a member of the Spanish think-tank (, with special interest in processes of e-participation.

Update: 28 November 2017


Has participated in

School in residence / Course 2022-2023

Education and culture in the Raval neighbourhood

Internet Universe: the power of algorithms

Teacher training conference

Thinking with your tongue and your palate

Indisciplines of the aesthetics of taste

Kosmotica II


Hypertext brought into play