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Cristina Sáez

Journalist specialising in science, health, environment, and digital culture.

Cristina Sáez writes for La Vanguardia and works with the CCCB, the SINC Agency, and Gut Microbiota for Health. In the course of her career she has also worked for National Geographic ciència, Muy Interesante, and the dailies Público and Avui, among other publications. For twelve seasons she was director and presenter of the television programme “La Malla Tendències” on science, ideas, and digital culture which is broadcast by the Local Television Network and, for five seasons, she was scriptwriter for the TVE programme “Redes” which was directed by Eduard Punset. She has received several awards for her work, among them the 2019 Accenture Prize in the category of Economy and Innovation for her report “La economía del sueño” (The Dream Economy), and the 2015 Boerhinger Ingelheim Award, as well as the 2012 Women Journalists Association of Catalonia Prize for good practice in non-sexist journalism.


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