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Cristina Sáez

Degree in Translation and Interpretation and Journalism from Universitat Pompeu Fabra and postgraduate studies in television reporting. As a freelance journalist, she specialises in writing about science and digital culture for the general public. She regularly covers these areas for La Vanguardia, Muy Interesante, Quo México, Historia y Vida and Mètode. She has previously worked with the newspapers Público and Avui.

Cristina Sáez directed twelve seasons of the science, ideas, and digital culture TV programme Tendències, which was broadcast on the Xarxa de Televisions Locals network and online at She was a scriptwriter for the TVE program Redes and collaborates with the Centre for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona.


Has participated in

Sustainable Cultural Management

Lecture by Laura Pando

Assuming climate change as a fascinating challenge

Lecture by Laura Faye Tenenbaum

Climate, culture, change

Activity programme and prize award presentation ceremony of the 2nd Cultural Innovation International Prize 2016-2017

An End to Aging?

Lecture by Aubrey de Grey

Intelligence as Evolutionary Strategy

Lecture by Arcadi Navarro

Stem cells: what they are and their role in living beings

Lecture by Salvador A. Benitah

Internet Universe #2. Person