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Carles Lalueza Fox

Carles Lalueza Fox is a researcher at the Evolutionary Biology Institute (Spanish National Research Council – Pompeu Fabra University) and a specialist in paleogenetic studies recovering DNA in extinct species and no longer existing human populations. He has engaged in postdoctoral work at Cambridge and Oxford universities, and has worked with the private biopharmaceutical company deCODE Genetics, which is based in Iceland. He took part in the Neanderthal Genome Project and is presently recovering ancient genomes in order to reconstruct the history of Europe. He has published numerous articles in international scientific journals and has also written several books popularising science, these including Races, racisme i diversitat (Races, Racism and Diversity, winner of the seventh European Scientific Divulgation Award), El color sota la pell (The Colour under the Skin, winner of the seventh Catalan Research Foundation Award for Scientific Communication), Genes de Neandertal (Neanderthal Genes, winner of the first Esteban de Terreros International Award, FECYT), Cuando éramos caníbales (When We Were Cannibals, winner of the eighteenth Prisma Casa Prize for Sciences) and Palabras en el Tiempo (Words in Time, Ed. Crítica). He was awarded the City of Barcelona Prize for Scientific Research in 2007.

Update: 1 December 2014


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