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The Home of All of US

Juan Insua

We take a look at the different meanings of the word “home” and the considerations they open up about our present and our future.

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Mauricio Tenorio and Josep M. Fradera

The Ruins of Empires

Monuments, statues or street names, often invisible or insignificant to citizens, are part of the historical legacy of a society. Historians Mauricio Tenorio and Josep M. Fradera talk about the relationship we have with the material and immaterial legacy of European empires.

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"i loved life very much"

Main event of the World Poetry Day 2024

On the occasion of the Year Vicente Andrés Estellés, a constellation of artistic voices celebrates World Poetry Day in an event that invites us to affirm the survival of the author and the need for his poetry.

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Lectures for secondary students

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The construction of the american dream