Memòria d'un miratge / Memoria de un espejismo

Els Pegaso Z-102 esportius i de competició dels anys cinquanta / Los Pegaso Z-102 deportivos y de competición de los años cincuenta

The Pegaso Z-102, a model of sports and competition car designed by Wifredo Ricart, stood out for its cutting-edge design and technology in a culture which was razed to the ground by Franco's regime in the post-war years. These inventions might have been the country's chance to develop itself and its industry both at home and abroad, if the government had not elected to present Spain to the world in the form of the Eucharistic Congress…


Publication date: 2001
Pages: 184
Images in B/W and colour: 120
Dimensions: 24 × 33 cm.
Price: 25€
ISBN: 978-84-7794-777-6 (català / castellano)
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Memory of a Mirage

The Pegaso sports and competition cars of the fifties

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