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Transitional States. Hormones at the Crossroads of Art and Science

This video art exhibition presents the work of 14 artists and collectives who explore topics related to hormones. It raises crucial questions about how society influences and regulates gender identity and looks closely at the way in which developments in medicine have impacted our lives.

Miquel Missé and Sam Fernández

Scrambling Gender: on Identity, Bodies, Medicine and Hormones

Where are the boundaries of what is deemed ‘normal’? How does the techno-medical system work in the processes of subjectivation? How does the hegemonic way of viewing the body operate when looking at gender diverse people? Miquel Missé, sociologist and activist, and Sam Fernández, biologist and gender researcher, discuss present-day discourse, practices and policies affecting people who do not fit within the binary system of gender assignment. 

Fox & Owl and Diego Marchante

Trans Perspectives: a Debate on Gender, Art and Politics

Trans Artists and Activists Fox Fisher & Owl and Diego Marchante talk about how today’s media, cinema and literature represent trans people and everyone else who does not conform to the prevailing binary gender division. They also speak about productions halfway between art and activism ...

Transitional States. Video Art Exhibition and lecture series

Hormones at the Crossroads of Art and Science

"Transitional States" is a video art exhibition and lecture series that focus on "bodies in transit", bodies that escape and defy categories and norms. The project also explores topics related to hormones and makes visible experiences that do not fit into the binary male-female system, thus ...