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In symbiosis

Thinking differently about life

In tandem with the exhibition “Science Friction”, these debates bring together local and international voices from different disciplines to talk about how to generate a new way of looking at life that would enable us to understand the complexity of the crisis that is now affecting the whole planet.

Anna Tsing, Victoria Reyes García and Maria Ptqk

Histories of Contamination and Survival

The idea that we are connected with a host of organisms in a delicate global network presents a new way of understanding the relationship between species. The anthropologist Anna Tsing speaks with ICREA Research Professor Victoria Reyes García and the cultural critic and researcher Maria Ptqk about how can relations of exploitation be replaced by solidarity and caring.

Marta Segarra and Gerard Ortín

Humanimal Encounters

Marta Segarra talks about language as a supposed border between human and non-human animals and dialogues with the artist Gerard Ortín about the fascination caused by its hybridization and how it manifests itself in the arts and sciences.

Pierre Charbonnier and Ester Jordana

An Ecological Transformation of Ideas

The philosopher Pierre Charbonnier talks about how political thinking has been based on an extractivist view of nature , and he dialogues with professor Ester Jordana about a new ecology of political ideas.

Estelle Zhong Mengual and Mariona Moncunill

Learning to See

The art historian Estelle Zhong Mengual speaks about how the living world is omnipresent in our culture and yet absolutely absent from it and, with the artist aMariona Moncunill, discusses the fact that perceiving it as a decoration, a symbol, or support for our emotions are ways of not seeing it.

Margaret McFall-Ngai, Ricard Guerrero and Carme Puche

The Legacy of Lynn Margulis

Ten years after the death of  biologyst Lynn Margulis, we talk about what advances have been made in the study of symbiosis and what questions remain to be answered about the origin of life and the symbiotic relationships among organisms.