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AI: Artificial Intelligence

An exhibition about the history, functioning, creative possibilities, and ethical and legislative challenges of artificial intelligence today. Experiment with AI, find out about its risks, discover scientific and artistic innovations, and explore a decisive technology for the future of humankind.

Inside the exhibition "AI: Artificial Intelligence"

Lluís Nacenta and Jordi Torres talk about the cultural and scientific changes surrounding the AI

Curator Lluís Nacenta, and scientific adviser to the exhibition “AI: Artificial Intelligence”, Jordi Torres, explain how artificial intelligence is created and developed and how it impacts our lives in science and in art. A conversation to introduce us to this omnipresent ...

Did Calvino Dream of Literary Androids?

Carlos A. Scolari

The Italian writer explored the narrative as a combinatorial process and anticipated the functioning of generative artificial intelligence systems.

The dilemmas of creative artificial intelligence

Lluís Nacenta and Ana Dueso-Barroso

Is artificial intelligence actually intelligence? Why do we call it artificial? Can AI be creative? Opening lecture of the 2023-2024 ALIA's educational programme.

Artificial Emotion

Ferran Esteve

As the physical and digital worlds converge, new types of emotional relationships are emerging between humans and machines.

The paths of artificial intelligence

Mateo Valero, Alfonso Valencia, Karina Gibert and Jordi Torres

Thanks to advances in supercomputing, the development of new algorithms, and the availability of enormous quantities of data, the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding at an exponential rate. Four experts in the field of artificial intelligence discuss the potentialities of the ...