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The CCCB is launching a new televised programme, produced by the CCCB and TVE.  “SOY CÁMARA” (I’m a Camera) can be viewed on the day of its launch on dial 67 of Digital+ and then permanently on the websites of Canal Cultura de TVE and the CCCB.

SOY CÁMARA is not just an agenda for the Centre; it draws on the CCCB’s varied contents to reflect the liveliest areas of thought and culture, both inside the Centre’s walls and beyond.

The programme is a continuing story, with no pre-established sections, that comprises various sequences—documentary, art house, informative or creative—but in all cases taking the CCCB as its excuse, setting or leading thread.

SOY CÁMARA also sets out to be a television laboratory, aiming to be experimental, creative and critical, in its various sections.

SOY CÁMARA, the suggested title, is a reference to the documentary and creative seed sown by Dziga Vertov, but it is also an allusion to the origin of museums, the Wunderkammer and even Fludd’s Theatrum Orbis (1622), the original illustration of which is so reminiscent of the CCCB’s courtyard.

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