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Science at Christmas

Science at Christmas

Lectures by Ricard Solé, Carles Lalueza Fox and Gustavo Deco


Courses in collaboration: Institut d’Humanitats, CUIMPB, UPC

Coming soon Courses in collaboration: Institut d’Humanitats, CUIMPB, UPC

Past programming

The Shaping of an Identity: A History of Catalonia

A conversation with Josep Fontana on the publication of his latest book

Lecture by Chris Salter

Composing Sensation: From Sensors to Sensation

Data Journalism. Work session (VIII)

How does the Los Angeles Times work with Data?

In Praise of Adventure: Utopia, today

Lecture by Fredric Jameson

Beyond Identity

Fifth Philosophical Seminar of Barcelona

Body: Sexual Identities in China

Conversation with Li Yinhe, Cui Zi’en & Dolors Miquel

Philosophy and the life of others

Lecture by Remo Bodei

Data Journalism. Work session (VII)

Who guarantees the quality and authenticity of the data?

Catalonia in the Mirror of Immigration

Presentation of the book by Andreu Domingo

OpenWalls Conference 2014

Urban Art Festival | Conferences

Big data research into behaviour

By Albert Barqué and Joan Guardia

Data Journalism. Work session (VI)

Observing the data of my municipality

EPNet: Big Data & History

By José Remesal, Albert Diaz-Guilera, Xavier Rubio Campillo and Alessandro Mosca

The New World Disorder

Lecture by Pankaj Mishra

Syria. Information under Siege

Debate with Leila Nachawati, Lali Sandiumenge and Marc Marginedas

Drones. Siege at a Distance

Debate with Chris Woods, Tonje Hessen and Jordi Pérez and screening of the documentary «Drone»

Gaza. The Permanent Siege

Ahron Bregman lecture

Working under Siege

Conversation between curator Chus Martínez and artist Mariam Ghani

The City is Not for Selling but for Living

Symposium of the International Collective Architectures Network

Presentation of the educational briefcase

Internet Universe. How does the network affect our lives

Xerrades per Ciutat Vella (Talks in the Old City)

“Identity and Planning”, a lecture by Alessandro Scarnato

Data Journalism. Work session (V)

Data and new narratives

A Story of Marginality

Where is the periphery? Creation, Obsession, Subversion with Dora García, Enrique Vila-Matas and Jordi Costa

eARTh observation: data, knowledge, territories and intelligent cities

By de Jordi Corbera, Víctor López and Vicenç Palà

Contemporary urban passages

Conference by Marcel Smets and launch of project Passages

The Political and Economic Dimension of the Crisis

Conversation between Nancy Fraser and Michel Wieviorka

The Future of the European City

Conversation between Hans Ibelings and Eugeni Bach

Narrating Google

Writing workshop and lecture

Cities and Travel, sources of Europe

Lecture by Gonçalo M. Tavares

Big Data Week. Opening session

Who is #opendata open for?

Does Eastern Europe Still Exist?

Lecture by Anne Applebaum

Possibilities for dialogue

An encounter with Jan Švankmajer, the Quay brothers and Léona-Béatrice Martin-Starewitch, granddaughter of Ladislas Starewitch

Brain and virtual reality

Lecture by Mavi Sánchez-Vives

Data Journalism. Work session (III)

Practical cases to understand statistical data

The bilingual brain

Lecture by Albert Costa

Turó de la Rovira: “The Invisible Intervention”

Screening of the documentary and debate

Data Journalism. Work session (II)

How to visualise social movements

Open City (IV). Lecture by Manuel Forcano

Translation and the Myth of the Tower of Babel

Data Journalism. Work session (I)

Good practices in data searching and visualisations

Design and creation of spaces

Master's degree (4rd edition)

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