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CCCB LAB is the department at the CCCB that focuses on research, change and innovation in the cultural sphere. Its goal is to explore and propose new areas of content and forms of public exhibition that are in tune with today’s social and cultural context, so that they can be developed and implemented by the CCCB.

We focus our attention on the main issues of the current stage of the information and knowledge society: relationship between science and humanities, new cultural formats, virtual environments, new audiences, forms of knowledge transfer...

Our research and our praxis constantly reinforce each other in a feedback dynamic: we work on self-produced projects that can incorporate innovations that arise from our research. I+C+i, Kosmopolis, Now and Nano are just some of the projects that are, or have been, testing grounds for new formats and areas of interest.

We want to share what we learn, and learn from what others do, so we regularly publish ideas and reports in our blog. We disseminate our research and praxis, particularly in the areas of cultural innovation, network creation and consolidation, and learning and design relating to participatory processes.

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