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The CCCB also at...

The CCCB is always interested in new venues and publics, and collaboration with other organizations with a view to coproducing, sharing or exchanging projects.

As a result of these relations, some of our exhibitions, audiovisual cycles, lectures and debates are presented at museums and arts centres all over the world.

Head of Touring Activities: Carlota Broggi

Shared cities

Shared cities

Museum of Finnish Architecture

From 2.4.15 to 3.15.15

Bolaño Archive. 1977-2003

Bolaño Archive. 1977-2003

Casa del Lector

From 2.10.15 to 7.20.15

Fundación Telefónica

From 3.12.15 to 5.24.15

Past programming


La Casa Encendida (Madrid)


Martin Gropius Bau (Berlin)

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