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The CCCB also at...

The CCCB is always interested in new venues and publics, and collaboration with other organizations with a view to coproducing, sharing or exchanging projects.

As a result of these relations, some of our exhibitions, audiovisual cycles, lectures and debates are presented at museums and arts centres all over the world.

Head of Touring Activities: Carlota Broggi


Bolaño Archive. 1977-2003

Bolaño Archive. 1977-2003

Casa del Lector

From 2.10.15 to 7.20.15


Fundación Telefónica

From 3.13.15 to 5.24.15

Museo San Telmo, Donostia

From 6.19.15 to 10.4.15

Past programming

Shared cities

Museum of Finnish Architecture


La Casa Encendida (Madrid)


Martin Gropius Bau (Berlin)

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