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Submitting projects

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The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) is a space open to collectives of creators and freelance programmers, and to the bodies with which we’ve established links over the years. Thanks to all of them, we guarantee a diverse, high-quality programme that promotes contemporary culture.

The Centre’s departments (Exhibitions, Centre for Documentation and Debates, CCCBLab, Cultural Activities and Audiovisuals) invite you to view the latest annual report of the CCCB. This is the best way to understand the multidisciplinary profile that has always characterized us.


The presentation of projects is open to anyone, individually or collectively, who has a new or singular proposal in the field of cultural creation and contemporary thinking suitable for hosting by the CCCB. The projects can be sent from January 1st to June 30th using this form, the receiving process is closed for the rest of time.

To ensure that this is a dynamic process, only one proposal will be accepted per person or collective per year, and deliveries by post or messenger will not be allowed (except in the case of an electronic or audiovisual format that is essential for assessing the project).

Participation in this process implies implicit acknowledgement of the authorship of the project presented and the absence of current dispute of authorship by third parties.

The projects must be written in Catalan, Spanish or English.


All projects that meet the reception and documentation requirements will be assessed individually. Evaluation will be based exclusively on the information provided by the individual or collective. The CCCB does, however, envisage the possibility of making personal contact with a view to finding out more about the project or clarifying doubts. The principal criterion for evaluating projects will be their affinity with the objectives of the CCCB.

The CCCB, within a period of no more than three months, will contact the person responsible for the evaluated project by email to inform them of the result of the process.


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