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Toni Serra

Video and new technology creator based in Barcelona and Marrakech.

Graduate in History of Art and doctorate courses at the University of Barcelona.
Studies in Film and Video Arts at the School of Visual Arts and the Brooklyn College in New York.

Work shown at (selection):
Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), ICA (London), CARS (Madrid), Knighting Factory (New York), Armory Show (New York), ZKM (Karlsruhe), Transmediale (Berlin). Video and Multimedia Festivals: Casablanca, Marseilles, Utrecht, London, Palermo, Toulouse, Montreal, Milan, Arco.

Television programmes:
SWF2 (Germany), SWF3 (Germany), ORF2 (Austria), Slovenjka TV (Slovenia), Open Channel (Amsterdam), Almanac on TV (Amsterdam), Park 4DTV (Amsterdam), TV3 and Canal 33 (Catalonia) and BTV (Barcelona).

His video works include:
Pura Fe (New York, 1991), Wahab (Tangiers, 1994), Minnesota 1943 (Barcelona, 1995), Interzona Hardcore (Barcelona, 1996), WSB Hassan Sabbah (Barcelona, 1998), Magic in the Air (Barcelona, 1999), Charlie (Tangier, 2000), VideoLabyrinth (Barcelona, 1999). Series of videos about rituals in Morocco: Hamdulillah.

Interactives using new technologies:
Welcome to Interzona (Barcelona, 1995-1998) and El Lenguaje de los Pájaros, una leyenda oriental (Marrakech, 2000).

He is co-director of the Observatory Archives, a project of OVNI (Observatori de Vídeo No Identificat - Unidentified Video Observatory).
Between 1996 and 1998 he co-directed the regular video programme and the videotheque of the MACBA.
In 1994 he programmed the cycle "Malaise in the Cities" at the CCCB and at the Sala Rekalde in Bilbao.

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