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Ignacio Morgado

Professor of Pyschobiology at the Institute of Neuroscience at the Faculty of Psychology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona where he has served as founding dean, he is presently engaged in teaching Physiological Psychology while also conducting experimental research into recovering memory by means of electrical brain stimulation.

He has received several academic awards and has also worked in international research centres (Ruhr University, Germany; Oxford University, United Kingdom; and California Institute of Technology, Caltech, USA). He is a member of several international scientific societies and has been a scientific adviser to the publishing house Ariel and the Cosmocaixa Science Museum, Barcelona.

He has written more than a hundred specialist works on psychobiology and cognitive neuroscience. His most recent works of popular science are Emocions i Intel·ligència Social: una aliança entre els sentiments i la raó (Emotions and Social Intelligence: An Alliance between Feelings and Reason – Mina, 2006; with a Spanish edition published by Ariel in 2007 and reissued in 2010), and Cómo percibimos el mundo: una aproximación a la mente y los sentidos (How We Perceive the World – Ariel, 2012).

Last update: 10 of May 2012

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