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Francesc Muñoz

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Francesc Muñoz is Professor of Urban Geography at the Autonomous University of Barcelona since 1995 and is director of the university’s Urban Planning Observatory. A specialist in urban structuring and planning and design of territorial strategies, he has participated as an expert adviser in Council of Europe missions in this field and has been the director of the Cerdà Postmetropolis International Congress,. He has also been a guest lecturer at universities in other countries, for example France, Italy and the United Kingdom. He has studied the present-day transformation of urban and metropolitan landscapes and has published texts in France, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and the United Kingdom. His most recent book is urBANALización: paisajes comunes, lugares globales (UrBAN(AL)isation: Common Landscapes, Global Places) Gustavo Gili, 2008.

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Lock living
Paisajes urbanos de la seguridad

Languages: spanish

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Languages: spanish

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