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Audiovisual works

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One minute video

One minute video

Guest project at the Xcèntric Archive

Xcèntric. October-December 2013


Past programming

SOY CÁMARA. El programa del CCCB (38) - I’m a camera – The CCCB’s programme

Pioneering women in the cinema: on the fringe of the industry

Concert-Screening "The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka"

A film by The Quay Brothers with pianist Mikhaïl Rudy

DocsBarcelona 2014

International Documentary Film Festival

SOY CÁMARA. El programa del CCCB (37)

Dreams that money can buy

Visual moves and female transfigurations

A programme of the Barcelona Women’s Film Festival

The tale of the fox

Matinee session for all audiences (+6)

Opening of the series “Xcèntric screens Metamorphosis”

A secret order of things (with the attendance of the Brothers Quay)

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