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SOY CÁMARA. The CCCB’s Programme (10)

# El Museo de los Accidentes (The Museum of Accidents)

Frame of the video

Frame of the video


Practical information

7 May 2011

Opening hours

6:00 pm

Next Saturday, Mayl 7th, at 6 pm, the new episode of SOY CÁMARA – EL PROGRAMA DEL CCCB (I’M A CAMERA - THE CCCB PROGRAM),  will be aired on Spanish Television’s Channel 2, “La 2”.

After the initial broadcast on TV, the programme will also be available for viewing on the websites of TVE 2 and the CCCB.

The philosopher Paul Virilio saw television as a “museum of accidents,” accidents that slake our thirst for novelty, anecdotes, the unforeseen and the morbid. Accidents that definitely move the world, justify news agencies, radio debates, television talk shows and the buzzing at work. The screen is a mirror, window, teletypewriter, crystal ball and a grab box, on which we can always find an accident to distract us from our immediate reality.

Organized by:

Centre de Cultura Contemporània de BarcelonaTVE-Canal Cultura

CCCB - Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona Montalegre, 5 - 08001 Barcelona Tel. 93 306 41 00 - Fax 93 306 41 01 - info@cccb.org