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CCCB archive

What is it?

The CCCB Archive is the multimedia digital archive that offers the public the holdings created by the CCCB throughout its years of activity. From the first exhibitions to the latest debates and festivals, at the Archive you can consult a wide range of materials on key themes of contemporary culture and society.

The Archive opened in January 2008 and makes its documentary holdings available under three main headings that draw together the main threads of reflection at the Centre: “Times of Paradox”, “World. A Cosmopolitan Vision” and City and Public Space”. Since July 2010, it has allowed users to visit and consult all the historic holdings of the CCCB and is constantly updated with the latest activities organized by the Centre.

As a space for hosting and communicating the knowledge generated by the CCCB, the Archive has various reading and working areas. It is equipped with computers where visitors can consult the holdings and offers a bibliography for activities. It is open to all visitors, and consultations are free of charge.

Admission to the Archive is free of charge.

Image of the CCCB Archive. CCCB© Adrià Goula, 2008

What can I find in the CCCB archive?

By visiting the consultation interfaces of the Archive, you can access the contents of the main activities organized by the CCCB.

At present, the Archive contains more than 9,000 multimedia digital references, including:

- Programmes and press dossiers of the activities organized
- Biographies of authors and artists who have taken part in the CCCB’s activities
- Audiovisuals created and produced in house, that form part of the exhibitions and the audiovisual programme
- Audiovisual recordings of debates, lectures, festivals and performances
- Photographic and audiovisual reportages of activities
- Catalogues and other digitized publications of the CCCB

From the CCCB Archive you can also consulte  the Archive of the European Prize for Urban Public Space, with materials generated by this biennial competition and the OVNI Archive, with some of two thousand items which are thematic and intentional: they favour a critique of contemporary culture and society through the strategies of video art, independent documentary, and mass media archaeology.

The Archive further includes the bibliographic holdings created as a documentary support to the activities organized.

Bibliographic holdings of the CCCB

The bibliographic holdings of the CCCB Archive are directly linked to the activities organized and can be seen as documentary backing, aiming to be complementary rather than comprehensive. They comprise almost 3,000 monographs by authors and artists, and key themes in contemporary culture and thought, as well as the CCCB’s publications (exhibition catalogues, the “Urbanitats”, “Breus” and “Dixit” collections, etc.).

The bibliographic holdings are directly available to users on the Archive’s shelves, and the documents can be found in the CCCB’s catalogue, part of the Catàleg Col·lectiu de les Universitats de Catalunya (CCUC), which can be consulted on line here.

The Archive does not provide a loan service. It does not have photocopy machines, but documents can be copied outside the Centre, in accordance with current legislation and for research purposes. Users wishing to make copies must leave ID with the monitor at the Archive.

Collective catalogue of the universities of Catalonia (CCUC)

Practical information

 The CCCB Archive is a space equipped with computers for consultations, bibliographic holdings to complement the activities, and various reading and work areas situated across the CCCB’s central courtyard (Pati de les Dones), on the right. Another way to access the Archive is after visiting an exhibition at the Centre. It has Wi-Fi, and there is a monitor to deal with users’ questions.

The Archive is open to everyone, and consultation of the materials is free of charge. At present, the Archive is not accessible on line and consultations must be made in person.

For more information, group visits and any further questions, contact us at arxiu@cccb.org.

Time table:

Tuesday to Friday: from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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