Kosmopolis. Continuous Programme 2016

The Stomach of the Writers (4)

Workshop and dialogue with Anna Dot, Eduard Escoffet, Jordi Nopca and Marc Caellas

We renew the dialogues series which we launched, to great success, at the last edition of Kosmopolis 2015. Under the stage direction of Marc Caellas and with Jordi Nopca leading, we will be entering the stomachs of artist Anna Dot and of poet Eduard Escoffet in order to discover, perhaps, what words sound like after they are swallowed. 

The Stomach of the Writers dialogues aim to go beyond the traditional and propose that we get closer to writers and artists with tools and resources typical of theatre and of journalism.

And as a new feature, before the dialogue Marc Caellas will conduct the workshop Boring Is Banned!, where he will tackle, from a theoretical and a practical angle, the different ways of presenting literature live, showing that the demand of its discourse is not in conflict with the spectacle of staging. A workshop to propose formats that, like the performance lecture, incorporate elements of dramaturgy, activism and education to attract an audience that is increasingly demanding with regard to live presentations. 




Literature Across Frontiers

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