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European Prize for Urban Public Space

THE CCCB ARCHIVE - City and Public Space

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Since it was set up, the CCCB has reflected on the urban condition of the contemporary world, seeing the city not just as the object of architecture and planning but as the space of modernity, the site of the social, artistic and literary dynamics that define our world. By means of exhibitions, debates, festivals, screenings and other cultural activities, the CCCB promotes its own view of the city and urban culture.

In the framework of Cerdà Year, this latest exhibition of the CCCB Archive allows the public to consult all the materials related to activities at the CCCB that have contributed to reflection on the many and varied aspects of the contemporary city.

With the opening of the exhibition "City and Public Space", the CCCB archive extends its current public holdings with over 2000 new multimedia references to the urban phenomenon, which will join the 5000 references already available for consultation.

The CCCB is also presenting for public consultation the materials generated by the European Prize for Urban Public Space, a biannual competition organized since 2000 by the CCCB, jointly with five European institutions, to recognise and promote interventions to salvage and create spaces of cohesion in cities. Also available for consultation in the CCCB Archive is the European Urban Public Space Archive, with a selection of the best works submitted to the prize since it was instituted, mapping the transformation of European public space over the last 10 years.

Finally, the CCCB Archive's exhibition "City and Public Space" is set in the context of Cerdà Year, marking the 150th anniversary of the approval of the Eixample Development Plan. As part of the celebration, users of the CCCB Archive will be also to consult the Cerdà Archive, a tool designed to digitally compile materials about Ildefons Cerdà.

In addition, coinciding with the "City and Public Space" exhibition, the CCCB is opening its entire bibliographic holdings for public consultation. This body of some 2500 volumes is divided into different thematic sections: democracy and citizenship, economic development and globalization, history and international politics, literature, thought and culture, sustainability, city and public space, Barcelona, Cerdà Year and CCCB publications. You can consult the CCCB's bibliographic catalogue here (link al catàleg bibliogràfic).

The CCCB Archive is a thematically organized consultation space that combines digital, audiovisual and bibliographic holdings, and offers a wireless Internet system to allow users to work with all the tools at their disposal, whether their aim is academic research or just to enjoy, once again, the past activities at the CCCB.

This activity is part of European Prize for Urban Public Space

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