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Open Data Wikimarathon 2018

Incorporation of governmental data into Wikidata

Courses and workshops


CCCB Lab will be hosting this session. Its aim is to import into Wikidata the maximum possible of open data available relating to governments in the Catalan territory (town and city councils, provincial councils, Generalitat, etc.).

Wikidata is becoming one of the central repositories for open data on a worldwide scale and it stands as a new step forward in the democratisation of access to information. It is a completely open,  multilingual database, in the public domain, that can be read and updated by humans and machines alike. Thanks to its structured and open-format information system, it is able to respond to dynamic questions.

Open data are all those sets of data that are placed at the disposal of the public and can be reused and re-published without any restrictions. The open data movement has a spirit similar to that of other “open” movements and, although the practice and ideology have been well established for some time, the term itself is recent and is associated to the Internet and the World Wide Web.

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