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Debt: New and Old European Ties

Lecture by Silke Meyer

Transnational Europe: Money and Identities in Flux


The ethnographer Silke Meyer illustrates how labour and economic relations are essential in the creation of new identities and construction of transnational communities.

Work and economic relations not only underpin material existence but they play a key role in constructing individual and collective identities. In a globalised Europe, workers are constantly crossing back and forth through European Union frontiers, while the remittances they send and receive not only generate monetary transactions but also exchanges of ideas, values and expectations. In a study of communities of Turkish workers in Austria, Silke Meyer explores the question of how these economic ties go beyond the bounds of Europe to connect it with other parts of the world. How are these hybrid identities produced? What debts, material and immaterial, does Europe have with these citizens?

On Friday, February 9th a seminar behind closed doors with Silke Meyer will take place (10.30 – 13.00). To attend the seminar prior registration is required. This can be done by an email sent to Guillem Rubio, The seminar is free of charge and will be held in English, without simultaneous translation. Places are limited.

Presenters: Saïd El Kadaoui

Participants: Silke Meyer

This activity is part of Debt: New and Old European Ties

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Transnational Europe: Money and Identities in Flux

Lecture by Silke Meyer

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