Thinking Biennale. Open City, Transitions, lecture series

Lecture by Paul B. Preciado and discussion with Eloy Fernández Porta

Gender, Sex and Sexuality in Technopatriarchal Capitalism: Towards a Mutation of Paradigm

Transitional States. Hormones at the Crossroads of Art and Science

Even while we keep using notions of masculinity and femininity, heterosexuality and homosexuality, a set of new pharmacological, computer, and artificial intelligence technologies are radically transforming ways of producing and controlling sexual subjectivity. It would seem urgent, then, to invent a new political and poetic grammar that would be capable of addressing the new configurations of power.

The philosopher and activist, Paul B. Preciado discusses the need to overcome the fragmentation of identity politics and to move towards a change of paradigm.

Presented by the essayist and professor Eloy Fernández Porta.



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Ciutat Oberta, Biennal de pensament
Transitional States


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