Kosmopolis 2019

10th Amplified Literature Fest

From 20 to 24 March 2019, the tenth edition of Kosmopolis will present a five-day programme bringing together established authors and emerging new voices to address some of the main challenges facing culture and literature in their most open conception.

Under the slogan “Stories that Move the World”, the festival will revolve around the stories of the 21st century that aim to give sense to the world that we have created.


Joining in the debate on these stories, participation has been confirmed by Julian Barnes, Lisa Randall, Richard Sennett, Dave Eggers, Jocelyn Pook, Gonçalo M. Tavares, Han Kang, Philip Ball, Mona Eltahawy, Enrique Vila-Matas, Susan Orlean, Blixa Bargeld, Éric Sadin, Laura Bates, Simon Roy, Paula Bonet, Agustín Fernández Mallo, Helen Hester, Nuccio Ordine, Eva Baltasar, Paul Mason, Natza Farré, Vicente Molina Foix, Libby Heaney, Pere Arquillué, Najat El Hachmi, Rodrigo Fresán, Marina Garcés, José Ignacio Latorre, Rakaya Fetuga, Nick Srnicek, Manuel Bartual and María José Llergo.

And also by Sam Abrams, Ana Alonso, Marta Ballesta, Adriana Bertrán, Joan Burdeus, Juan Carlos Calvo, Idoia Cantolla, Jorge Carrión, Daniel Cassany, Javier Celaya, Jordi Costa, Coral Cruz, Olga Cuadrado, Laura Fernández, Sonia Fernández-Vidal, Julián Figueres, Margalida Followthelida, Albert Forns, Amelia Gamoneda, Mònica García, Núria Gómez, Anna Guitart, Laura Huerga, Anna María Iglesia, Marisol López, Lisette Ma Neza, Shaina Machlus, Lluís Marco, Luís Martínez, Comikk MG, Luna Miguel, Joana Moll, Bel Olid, Marta Orriols, Marc Pastor, Carles Pedragosa, Josep Pedrals, Laura Pinyol, Pol·len Edicions, Marina Porras, Lucas Ramada Prieto, Llucia Ramis, Rosa Renom, Revista Lectora, Conrad Roset, Bernat Ruiz Domènech, Ricard Ruiz-Garzón, Víctor Sala, Víctor Santos, Gustavo Schwartz, Ramon Simó, Taller Estampa, David Trueba, Jose Valenzuela,Tina Vallès, Vicenç Villatoro, Ian Watson...


We will be talking, among other subjects, about the influence of quantum physics on our conception of “reality”, returning to the theme of feminisms to reflect on female empowerment in all spheres, analysing the ethical dilemmas that will be posed by the transitions of capitalisms and exploring the evolution of narrative and its supports at the Stories Lab which will be presenting a small-format exhibition and an activities programme.

There will be no shortage of the usual sections such as the K Dialogues, with established authors talking about key issues in literature and our time; the European Poetry Slam championship, which will bring the top international experts in this genre to Barcelona; the Alfa Nights, with cinema premieres related with literature; and book presentations and signings.

Collaboration will also continue with organisations such as Biblioteques de Barcelona, with activities for library professionals, and Literature Across Frontiers (LAF), with a chat about writers who are exiles in Europe. Furthermore, the “Stories that Move Kubrick” will propose a series of activities related with the “Stanley Kubrick” exhibition that the CCCB is devoting to the filmmaker and that will reach its high point during the days of the festival.


K19 Program


Lisa Randall


Lisa Randall

How Physics Scales the Universe


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