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Feminist Film Manifestos I

International Women’s Film Festival at the CCCB



This is a filmic journey through the documents which, from different viewpoints, have given cinematographic form to the debates featuring feminism in the latter half of the 20th century and the start of the 21st.

The aim of this cycle is to bring together a series of miscellaneous works that inform a particular two-way dialogue about the mutual influences between the critical discourses of various forms of feminism and film creation. It also addresses the role of audiovisual activism in the interpretation and dissemination of their ideologies: commitment and political stance in some films, critical tension with regard to institutional systems of representation in others, creations that are open to radicality and to formal and ideological courage.

Friday 6 November

19.00 - Session 1

Alice Guy: Les résultats du féminisme (1906, 7’)

Chantal Akerman: Saute ma ville (1968, 13’)

Martha Rosler: Semiotics of the kitchen (1975, 6’)

Agnès Varda: Réponse de femmes (1975, 10’)

Carole Roussopoulos: SCUM (1976, 28’)

Eugènia Balcells: Boy meets girl (1978, 10’)


Saturday 7 November

18.00 - Session 2

Helke Sander: Aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste, 5 (1984, 9’)

Sadie Benning: If every girl had a diary (1990, 8’)

Su Friedrich: First comes love (1991, 22’)

Jennifer Reeder: White trash girl: the devil inside (part 1) (1995, 8’)

Naomi Kawase: Tarachime (2006, 39’)

Mania Akbari: In my country men have breasts (2012, 3’)

20.00 - Session 3

Presented by Giulia Colaizzi (lecturer at Valencia University) - Yvonne Rainer: Privilege (1990, 103’)


Sunday 8 November

19.00 - Session 4

Barbara Hammer: History Lessons (2000, 65’)

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