Thinking Biennale. Open City

Dialogue between Judith Butler and Fina Birulés, moderated by Marta Segarra

The Gender Trouble: Why Do Bodies Matter?

Gender and sexuality are presently being debated. To what extent do biology and culture influence them? Are there more than two sexes? How important are social norms and how much leeway is there for changing them to make life more “liveable”? What are the differences between “precariousness” and “vulnerability”? What role does the materiality of the body play in political action?

These and other questions will be discussed by Judith Butler and Fina Birulés, two of today’s most outstanding thinkers in the philosophy of gender. In this Biennale in which the city is taking centre stage, Butler and Birulés coincide in pointing out that feminist thought cannot be separate from life lived in common



Organised by

Barcelona City Council-ICUB
Ciutat Oberta, Biennal de pensament


ADHUC - Teoria, gènere, sexualitat (UB)
Alma Hotels

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