Between the dictator and me

Taking as their starting point ‘The first time I heard about Franco', six young directors produce a piece about individual memory and personal remembering. The sum of their visions composes a plural body of reflection on our history, and a review of the legacy and the continuance, manifest or under the surface, of the figure of Francisco Franco. It takes a look at the present in a search for keys to the past and an understanding of a world in which the figure of the dictator is unfortunately still relevant. This filmic exercise to combat forgetting is an attempt to answer the eternal questions: who are we, and why are we what we are?


Produced in:
Nationality: Spanish
Release date:
20 November 2005
Duration: 60 mins.
Duration of each section: 9 mins.
Final format: Betacam digital
Languages: Catalan and Spanish
Practical information


Produced by

Televisió de Catalunya

Organised by

Estudi Playtime


Diputació de Barcelona
Diputació de Girona
Diputació de Lleida
Diputació de Tarragona

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