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Animac at CCCB

Against the Wind



The CCCB will be presenting Animac Walks, a summary of the latest iteration of the ANIMAC festival held in Lleida.

The task of ANIMAC, the INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FILM FESTIVAL OF CATALONIA, is to show the boldest and most committed animation of the moment, create alliances, and highlight analogies with other artistic expressions.

The 21st edition turns around the idea of art as alchemy, capable of turning unhappiness into poetry.

Animac Camina is a selection of the most representative animated short films in this edition of the Festival and suitable for all audiences. The 65-minute programme contains pieces in a variety of techniques and styles, by established award-winning animators such as Theodore Ushev, young talents like Špela Cadež and Hana Novaková, and other national and international creators.


My Life I Don’t Want. Nyan Kyal Say, Myanmar, 11 min., 2016

Blind Vaysha. Theodore Ushev, Canada, 8 min., 2015

Weather the Storm. Peter Baynton, UK, 5 min., 2016

Ossa. Dario Imbrogno, Italy, 4 min., 2016

El Nen i l’Eriçó. Marc Riba and Anna Solanas, Spain, 3 min., 2016

Grandma’s Hero. Ben Ozeri and Corentin Monnier, Denmark, 7 min., 2015

Nocna ptica (Nighthawk). Špela Cadež, Slovenia, 9 min., 2016

Muro. Nacho Rodríguez and Sara López, Spain, 1 min., 2016

Borderlines. Hana Novaková, Czech Republic, 5 min., 2015

Une tête disparaît. Franck Dion, France, 10 min., 2016

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