Who we are

The CCCB is made possible thanks to the work of its team of staff, of independent programmers and professionals, and the organisations of which it forms part.

Who are we?

The CCCB is run by a team of people who take charge of programming, producing, managing and communicating cultural activities.

Executive Directors and Management

General Director
Vicenç Villatoro (CV)
Deputy Managing Director
Josep Desquens (CV)
General Coordinator
Elisenda Poch (CV)
Management Secretary
Elena Martínez
Finances and Budget
Sara Gonzàlez
Anna Sama
Technical staff
Dolors Aran
Xavier Boix
Remei Jara
Montse Martínez
Maribel Zamora
Maintenance of Infrastructures
Emili Maicas
Production of Projects
Mario Corea
Technical staff
Francisco García
Òscar Monfort
Gabriel Porras
Human Resources and Hiring
Cori Llaveria
Technical staff
Mònica Andrés
Núria Ferrer
Victòria Florencio
Lara Martín
Eva Sancho
General Services
Technical staff
Francesc López
José Luis Molinos
Iñaki Sainz
Technical staff
Guillem Bellmunt
Lluís Sangerman


Rosa Ferré (CV)
Exhibitions Coordination
Mònica Ibàñez
Technical staff
Tere Anglès
Liliana Antoniucci
Anna Escoda
Eva Gimeno
Miquel Nogués
Montse Novellón
Àlex Papalini
Touring Exhibitions
Carlota Broggi
Registration and Conservation
Neus Moyano
Technical staff
Susana García
Josep Querol
Cultural Activities
Manel López
Centre for Documentation and Debates
Judit Carrera (CV)
Technical staff
Sònia Aran
Neus Carreras
Elisabet Goula
Anna Ibáñez
Teresa Navas
Masha Zrncic
CCCB Educació
Bàrbara Roig
Audiovisuals and Multimedia
Àngela Martínez (CV)
Technical staff
Eduard Coll
Toni Curcó
Marc Desmonts
Jordi Gómez
Juan Carlos Rodríguez
José Antonio Soria
Gloria Vilches
Igor Viza
Juan Insua (CV)
Technical staff
Eva Alonso
Maria Farràs
Rosa Puig
Financial management
Technical staff
Mònica Giménez
Marta Giralt


Imma Mora (CV)
Technical staff
Susana Fernández
Núria Salinas
Press and social networks
Mònica Muñoz-Castanyer
Technical staff
Lucia Calvo
Irene Ruiz
Marina Palà
Visitor Groups
Maria Ribas
Technical staff
Teresa Roig
Matty Betoret
Carme Blanco
Magda Llaberia
External Resources and Public Relations
Amàlia Llabrés
Technical staff
Tere Pérez
Financial management
Technical staff
Lali Muñoz

Collaborating organisations

Projects promoted by independent organisations and groups play an essential role in the programming of the CCCB, which plays host to them on the basis of their experimentation in fields such as new technologies, audiovisuals, photography, music, dance, contemporary art, design and the latest emerging tendencies.

We form part of

The CCCB forms part of different national and international organisations with the following aims: encouraging co-production and the exchanging of projects, incentivising research into new technologies and new uses of the web in cultural creation and production and, in general, facilitating accessibility to and the dissemination of culture.




The Consorcio Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo de Barcelona CUIMPB-Centre Ernest Lluch, which has its base at the CCCB, manages the permanent centre of the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP) in Barcelona. The university centre coordinates and runs the activities typical of the UIMP: a university centre of high culture, research and specialisation, where activities for different university degrees and specialities converge, and whose mission is to disseminate culture and science, as well as promoting relations for exchanges and for scientific and cultural information of international and interregional interest.

The CUIMPB-Centre Ernest Lluch is formed by the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP), the Diputació de Barcelona, the Ajuntament de Barcelona and the CCCB.




The IRI Institute for Research and Innovation was set up for the purpose of exploring the field of cultural and cognitive technologies to be applied to creation, production and cultural activity. It was founded in the year 2006 by the Centre Georges Pompidou as part of the cultural centre itself, and was then established independently in 2008 when it was joined by the CCCB and Microsoft France. Other organisations that have joined the project since then are Goldsmiths College, Universitat de Tòquio, Institut Mines-Télécom, France Televisions, Strate, École Supérieure d’Art des Rocailles and the Ars industrialis.

Tot Raval

Tot Raval


The CCCB is one of the founding members of the Fundació Tot Raval, a platform of 60 associations, institutions, individuals and companies linked to the Raval neighbourhood. It was created in 2002 with a common objective: the improvement of quality of life in the neighbourhood through the coordination and work of the territory’s agents in the social, cultural, economic and commercial spheres.